8.24.11 ... russian tea room & a perfect film scene

i found this ashtray recently and was unbelievably excited.  this find is one of the reasons i love thrifting so very much.  i had no idea this even existed.  of course it makes sense that they would have ash trays at the russian tea room back in the day, but i don't wake up in the morning thinking of all the gazillion possible vintage treasures that might exist.  and what are the odds that this would cross my path?  this was only my second trip to this particular thrift store.  it is not one of my usual haunts.  so this was just a happy moment.  and it will keep bringing me a smile for years to come.  apart from the fact that it is so darn adorable and graphically fabulous, we are tremendous tootsie fans and especially wild for the scene outside and inside the russian tea room.  you really should treat yourself....

i use it as a coaster.  it's perfect with our ridiculously hot summer - there's more water on the outside of our glasses than on the inside.  so when a regular flat coaster won't do ... repurpose and old ashtray to catch the moisture.  i hope your day has been a lovely one.sweet dreams, everyone.  thanks for stopping by.   until tomorrow.  happiness to you. from me. with heart.   ox joon

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