8.7.11 ... topo gigio and love


so today was evan and my 18th wedding anniversary. we had a great day and he is making chocolate drop cookies as i type so, yeah, the fun never stops here.

this morning we went to fred (our bin thrift store). we haven't been in a while and were missed. isn't that nice? we all had a great time rooting around in the junk, looking for treasures. 

scout found some nifty old record albums. her favorite find of the day was an old toy police car. she loved it even more when she got home and realized it goes by itself and the lights flash and the siren wails. 

ev found a really cool old tool box for joonE and, right before we left, an unreal smith corona typewriter. the colors are so sweet! 

i found quite a few nifty things. my favorites are a 1965 cherry red princess telephone, a really, insanely old blow dryer on a stand - looking forward to leanring more about that one, a copy of mr. blandings builds his dream house illustrated by steig and my 'oh.my.gravy. i. must. be. dreaming' find: topo gigio bobblehead with an orange bank. what????? dude. does it get any better? 

i have some exciting news. scout's new vintage etsy shop is only 3 days young and she had her first sale today! i tell you, that girl has a good eye. here's the link, again, if you'd like to visit: seventeenagain.etsy.com

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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