8.26.11 ... vintage barbie doll clothes


today i didn't get photos of my projects, which were small, but cute. that's what happens when i rush and/or get distracted. mostly a combination of the two. at any rate, on wednesday i hand washed all of my barbie clothes. i've been collecting them from fred bit by bit. yesterday i hung out as many as i could to take photos and had some fun goofing around with various shots. i had 91 in all and these are a few of my favorites.


some of these outfits are hand made and i just love that. i can't believe the care and detail that went into these. from the fabric choices to the wonderful trims and snaps, they are all delightful.


this dress above and the 1960s hippie coat of many colors as i call it below are two of my favorites. the dress needs some repair in back. it has a really strong snap - very old school. that made the fabric give way. just think about how many times it was snapped on and off. some little girl had hours of fun with it.


don't you wonder who made them and who they belonged to? check out those purple skivvies. they are too much.


totally 1960s garb.


the hawaiian shirt is hand made. it has velcro for closure but the seamstress still sewed on those teeny buttons. i really love that stewardess dress. it is not as old as everything else. i think early 1990s. it is a commercially made dress.


the second outfit here - i wish you could see it. it's a roller skating looking outfit. with a crazy rainbow bright star. the red kimono with the blue ribbon sash looks as though it once had a flower or something sewn on one side of the lapel area. i am mulling over refurbishing the pieces that need some repair. i am not a barbie doll person. at all. no barbies in my house. ever. but these clothes are sweet. so i guess i am an anti barbie pro barbie clothes anomaly. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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jen said...

coming to visit via the vestiesteam...i love these clothes! i find myself buying handmade doll clothes all the time...i am just waiting until my daughter gets old enough to realize she has lots of clothes but needs mama to make her a doll to fit them all!