6.1.11 ... my quote art - finished


i collect quotes in a small notebook and this is one of my favorites.  i have incorporated some into my various bookmarks and cards and other projects but this is the first of this type, which i've been thinking about for a long time.


i enjoyed working on it.  it did take a lot longer than i expected.  why i have expectations i do not know.

i know i will make more now.  i may make variations on this one because i kind of liked it before i outlined it, but i know it wouldn't stand out enough.  i will mess around with color lining i think.  


this cup and meter, along with the globe, are my favorite parts of the project.  i think.  


i do like it very much.  below, is a scanned image - thanks, scout!  :) .  you can see the weave of the paper better on this one.  i love that texture.  it's why i chose that paper.  i think it would make a nice poster - or smaller prints would be groovy, too.  


beginning today, scout has joined me in my create a day challenge.  she is going to help inspire me to keep going.  thanks, boo.  here is her brand new site.    
http://defying-explanation.tumblr.com/  please visit her page and support her by cheering her on.  

sweet dreams, everyone.  thanks for stopping by.   until tomorrow.  happiness to you. from me. with heart.   ox joon
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