6.20.11 ... good luck blue rabbit's foot returns


scout's blue rabbit foot from the 1960s has been in absentia for weeks now and she has been fairly obsessed with its disappearance. we knew it had to be in the house somewhere. but you know how second guesses just sneak in and hit good old common sense in the knee cap. and so the fretting commenced. and took up residence. moved right in.


this morning ev was looking for something he needed for today's gig and lo and behold, instead, he spied the foot de la rabbit back in a closet corner. i suspected besos all along and i was 100% correct. we'd looked under the couch, piano - even the fridge! but i guess we missed that closet corner. well, scout was still asleep - truth be told i was barely awake myself - so i decided to surprise her and when she came out i started her tea and my second cup of java. i attached the surprise to her ziggy mug. and casually strolled in to the living room with it.


triumph. and peace at last. she won't lose that lucky foot again. i guarantee it. it is now safely on her purse strap. out of kitty reach. this is going to be our lucky week. good things are happening already. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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