6.26.11 ... scout in her old soul apron


i found this apron at fred a few weeks ago and scout is the first one to try it out. it's handmade, old and awesome.


it was scout's night to make dinner and we read about a nifty dinner idea - suggested combinations - in a really old local cookbook earlier this morning and she was excited to try this one: omelet, hash browns and stewed tomatoes. because, after all, she is an omelet master.


the cookbook had a forward which was a hilarious historical tale told by a man who lived it in 1858. he was a real character for sure. i read it aloud to ev and scoutie. a great way to start the day off with some stupefied chuckles.


maybe scout is remembering the story.


it has been a good day. we met some nifty people this morning and had a few adventures while we left ev to himself for a rare few hours of peace and quiet. ok, except for the part where we called him up about 5 minutes after we left the house wondering why we were almost downtown and that didn't seem right at all. (it wasn't.) but he got us on track post haste. and all was peaceful in the glen. 

the omelet dinner was a . maze . ing you might want to try it. we had fresh spinach and cheese omelets and country fried potatoes and put the stewed tomatoes on top of our omelets. it was delish. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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Tiffany said...

did you change something? I can't see any more pictures anywhere on your blog... ?? Just like a number 6, where I think a pic should be. Strange?