6.7.11 ... scout


today i started my pinterest site so that was a huge creation. i don't really know what i am doing so i haven't gotten too far, but i still spent all morning on it. i'd put my link here but i don't even know what it is. i tried to figure out the pin button, too, but couldn't. oh well, there's always tomorrow. if you are on pinterest and know what you're doing, my id name is joonie. 

meanwhile, back at the ranch, i needed some photos of this vintage movie camera for my etsy shop and asked scout if she'd help me out. i love these three photos because they are playful and because of the pairing of her with a camera and her hero, walt, with his. and that photo of him is so wonderful, too. yes, it is mr. disney. how adorable is he?


tomorrow is scout's 17th birthday but she still knows how to have fun with the little things in life. i love that about her.

today i sent an email to the sign language school, asking f scout could accompany me when i start next week. scout has completed the first two sessions. this will be my first. the response was: That is okay but she might be bored sitting in a class she has already taken. and all i could think of was that scout could never be bored. not in a million years. you couldn't pay her to be bored. and i realized what a marvelous happenstance that is. if we all approached life with that sense of creative wonder, unending curiosity and genuine interest in everything what a beautiful cultural environment we'd be sharing.


she's my beautiful girl. you all who are following my journey here will look back on this year and be able to say 'i knew her when'. i guarantee it.


ciao for now. birthday tales tomorrow evening. don't miss them.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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