4.10.11 ... good bye cricket


scout with besos (tabby) and cricket (tuxedo) ... three happy girls.


scout is a loving sister to her kitties. you can see why they want to snuggle with her.


i love that cricket had a happy, comfy life. she was dropped on the side of the road as a teeny tiny kitten. i found her when i went to a ladies aid rummage sale. outside was a cardboard sign propped up in the grass. free kittens. i forgot about it as i was shopping - it's not like i was looking for another cat. we had besos and chip, our beagle, already. as i was wandering around looking one last time before i checked out, i suddenly recalled the kitten sign and asked about them. the two males were taken and one kitty was left. when the gal opened her jacket and showed me the minute kitten she pulled out, i had to hold her for a while. well, i guess i never let go. i decided to bring her home and suffer any consequences later. on the short ride there, she climbed up onto the back of my neck and flopped down upside down on her back and fell dead asleep. when i arrived home and ev came out to ask how i did at the sale. i said 'look what i found.' he couldn't even see her even after i pointed her out. when he did he fell in love with her instantly, too, so all was well. that was 10 1/2 years ago.

we named her cricket because she was so tiny and shy and quiet. she lived up to her name in one way. she never did meow and eventually chirped a little now and then. in another way, she was completely different from a cricket. she really grew. and grew. and grew. she was always nervous and afraid of strangers. she loved to run behind the washer or into a closet or behind a tub. but she was never startled a whit by chip. we got a kick out of that because he was a puppy when she came into the picture. and a beagle puppy is no calming element. a year later we got ginny weasley. so all these years we've had the three girls and mr. chippy. life is a journey and ours takes a different path now.


we miss her already. and are so glad she came into our lives. sweet dreams, cricket. oxoxoxoxoxo

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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