4.22.11 ... happy earth day to all and a napkin upcycle project


have you ever gone to the sound of music sing-a-long movie? well, i was working one and it is pretty hilarious. anyway, everyone gets a little brown paper lunch sack and inside there are things that go along with the film and when that part of the movie comes on everyone is supposed to use the whatever and cause an excited cheering ruckus. the little square here (you were to bring it out and wave it about when maria discovers the drapes can be made into plainclothes) that i used as an applique on my recycled dinner napkin is one of hundreds that we found all over the floor when we were cleaning up after the show. another usher and i were crazed that they were going to be thrown into the trash so we gathered them all up and i took them home with me. they are perfectly beautiful little brand new squares of 100 % cotton. there are a few different designs. this napkin is made from one large napkin. i have four of them and a year or so ago i got a brainstorm. who needs such a giant napkin? we can have four for each one and still have plenty of cloth. so i cut one into quarters and i finished the two raw edges and put a strip applique on each one and they are cute as all get out and work great.


all this time i've had the other three original large napkins just waiting for their transformation. today i was busy with many activities, one of which i will share with you (below), and i glanced at my clock and - holy cow- it was after 5 already. so i cut four out of one and completed one. i did not want to set up my ironing board so i just used my fingers and pins to set the new edges. isn't this pretty? wouldn't it be a sin if these were all thrown away and in a landfill right now? i don't even want to think about all the shows where my friend and i were not the house helpers and these are ditched. sigh.


i had too many empty bobbins and i had to break down and whip up a new batch. this i did and that egged me on (that's an easter pun, folks) to do a sewing project today. i did some mending before i made the napkin. all in all i guess it's been a pretty good day. hope yours was, too.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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