4.2.11 ... recycled gift wrap . vintage paper supply packs . enchiladas


today i wrapped a book in a discarded art technique book paper. this is the tag. i used my new crochet string for the first time, too. the original sticker price is .29 how old do you think that makes it??? i wonder. as you can see...


... the book cover is not in good condition but i love the interior and since the book is so large i thought of using the papers for wrapping or making large envelopes.


it's way too gorgeous to go to the recycling bin just yet. i might make some tags out of the wrap next since the receiver gave it back to me to reuse. he couldn't bear the thought of throwing it away yet. i'll use it for something that's for sure.


i also worked on clipping images for my vintage recycled paper packets. i love these graphics. i am still mulling over how i want to compose the packets. by themes perhaps or maybe by colors or maybe mixed up or maybe i should make all of these combinations and see if my shoppers have a preference.


it's very therapeutic clipping up these old discards.


the big question is: will i be able to part with these?


and last, but not least, our 'heart' tomato from last night's dinner - it was scout's night and she made kraut subs that were divine.


isn't that something? it's a sign.


and tonight i made individual stacked cheese/onion/sour cream enchiladas. now i am off to catch elton john host saturday night live. hope you've enjoyed today's post. 
sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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