4.16.11 ... recycling envelope sticker flaps


...continued from yesterday when i told you i had a genius idea. i cannot believe i never thought of this before now. i always recycle safety envelopes and all other junk mail envelopes. what am i saying? i recycle every envelope no matter how plain or fancy it is. it's an obsessive thing. but the one part i always tossed into recycling was the flap because of the fold and the sticker edge. but yesterday i thought - hey! i can trim those off and turn them into my own stickers for my etsy packages. so here is my first batch. i will slice them into individual stickers as i go. they're easier to find in my drawer as long strips.


i had fun making these and i know i will be hooked now thinking up a million and one sticker themes for these silly strips. tomorrow is evan's birthday and scout has a long afternoon rehearsal and then ev has a call in the evening so we had his steak dinner tonight, the netflix film 'red' with bruce willis and more - very fun movie - and a chocolate fudge cake. we used a recipe new to us. just one out of the bible of all cookbooks - the better homes and gardens checkered stand by. love that thing. the cake is delightful. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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