4.9.11 ... scout cartoon style . a fun identification solution . peanuts packaging .


how adorable is this self portrait that scout just made? it's killing me.


i have had this folder for about 25 years i think. a long time no matter. today i picked it up as i was cleaning because it had my name on it. when i reached my art room and opened it up i found scout's music inside. so i decided to look for something she might find amusing to put on the cover as an identification for her instead of her old mom's name. we always have a good time when she addresses envelopes because she doesn't remember the format. it might be something like how she runs into people in the grocery store but who knows? anyway ... it's funny that she drew the self portrait tonight because i had done this spontaneous project and she doesn't know it yet and her portrait makes it a scout themed blog post.


this piece of paper is from an old college typewriting course manual. it's a lot of fun to look through.


those were the days, right?

and lastly, here's a photo of a packaging from the other day. i couldn't show it until it arrived at its destination so as not to spoil the surprise.


this made me smile. hope my friend enjoyed it, too. cricket is doing ok. it's been a rough 24 hours here. we had an eventful night and no one got much sleep. there's a lot to learn about assisted feeding. i think i made some good progress and discoveries today. except now i have her so relaxed she keeps falling asleep as i am feeding her so we can't get finished because she is so out of it that she's not swallowing! i am really glad to see her sleeping though. i don't think she's felt well enough to really sleep in over a week. sleep heals too. if we can balance enough calories with good rest we'll be very very happy. thank you to all who are holding good thoughts for us and her. sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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