4.4.11 ... pretty recycled paper bits and a mend


i am not focusing well today. our little cricket is still in the hospital and we're not sure yet if she can be cured or not. so it is a difficult time for us. she'll have a sonogram on wednesday afternoon so this will go on for a few days at the very least. the good news is that she did improve a little today and is purring for the vet and techs. maybe she will be wonder cat. we hope so. at any rate, i did do a few small things this afternoon. it was a true challenge to motivate myself but, of course, i am happy that i did. these papers are salvaged from the discarded book with a lot of damage on the outside. i am not certain how i will use these but they are certainly pretty, aren't they?


i accomplished this small but important mending task. important because having a quilt - even folded up - in my art room waiting to be mended is no minor thorn in my creative side. i do not have room to spare for things like this to be lying about or responsibility hanging over my head. the story of this quilt is:


about 12 years ago i spied this in an antique shop for only $15.00. i thought it had to be a mistake and i asked the owner but she said no sometimes she just got good deals and was passing it along. did i need a quilt? no. but this one is so interesting. it's half done and oddly half done at that. someone has put an incredible amount of work into it thus far. why did they stop? i will always wonder. plus, the embroidered designs are so varied. some are nursery rhyme characters, some are nature themed or animals and then there's this category - the anchor and chain type of thing. what? 

anyway, it intrigues me. and when it got its first rip i wanted to be sure to repair it right away. that did not happen and we've been cold. all over this tiny mending task. yeah, well, that's me. i am toast tonight so i bid you good night. please hold positive thoughts for our cricket. extra oxoxoxoxo to you all.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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