2.1.11 ... feelin' loopy

here is my bag of potential loops. i've been adding loops to the corners of all our kitchen and bath hand towels because we don't have a rack in either room. which is fine with me because i love that there's a legitimate need for my super magnet hooks. do you have any of those? these are the kind that will suspend a small elephant with ease. a few hand towels are not going anywhere is what i am saying. anyway, here is my recycled stash and here are the loops i made this afternoon:

i also mended a sizable hole in the striped towel but will have to photo it tomorrow. i am almost done with mend #2 on that one. in other creative news, i did not meet my goal of publishing my first zine by the end of january. there's always february. here is my miniature dummy. it's so cute i know i will find inspiration looking at it on my desk.

and lastly, for today here is a little package i had fun preparing today. i've been saving the pasta bag for an embarrassingly long time and was so happy to find just the right item for it. {it's a vintage #5 house number}


oh - i forgot about the lunch quiche i made at scout's request.  here it is before and after baking:

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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