2.13.11 ... scout's sketchbook project bio

scout participated in the sketchbook project, which is an art exhibit containing moleskin notebooks filled with individual artist's art.  the booklets will travel to select cities throughout the states and be on display.  if participants pay an extra fee their sketchbook will be uploaded for anyone to view on line, too.  scout chose this option.  she completed her sketchbook on time!  woo hoo.  she needed a bio to travel around with her booklet but was not feeling the love for that task.  after dragging her feet for weeks, she decided i should write it and she would accept whatever i wrote.  we were limited to just 400 characters, including spaces.  she did work with me on editing my original piece which was too long.  here is my creation.

I'm Scout. Yes, Jean Louise Finch. I’m 16 & a lifetime homeschooler which affords me the opportunity to pursue my artistic endeavors. I have 3 adult brothers, a beagle & 3 cats. I love to act, sing, dance, write & sign. I devour films like rocket scientists study formulas. My dreams include working at Pixar, starring on Broadway & being discovered by Wes Anderson. Are those my birds? I need those.
if you are not familiar with one of, if not the, greatest commercials ever produced, you must view it here:


 you will then better understand and appreciate the bio.  we had fun with it.  and wes, we have your scout.  you need her.   {i love the birds bit because scout is crazy about pigeons.  couldn't fit that in the bio.}

can you hear me now?

i also created this team treasury this morning for the weekly challenge - since i enjoyed last week's project so much.  i titled this: can you hear me now? because a sprint rep contacted our eco etsy team leader about creating an app that will allow phone users to access our team blog page.  you can visit the actual treasury HERE

ps.  google 'sketchbook project'  if you'd like to learn more about it.  this is scout's first entry.  i will join in next year.  we were moving during the creation time so i reluctantly had to pass this year.  her book is incredible.  the tour arrives here in austin on march 12th.  can't wait to go see it.  
sweet dreams, everyone.  thanks for stopping by.   until tomorrow.  happiness to you. from me. with heart.   ox joon
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