2.9.11 ... bracelet part ii . the bracelet returns

phase ii: it is almost completed. my back is still cranky making for a quiet, frustrating day. but this afternoon i did spend some time working on my bracelet and i'm glad. it evolved somewhat from my initial design, as most of my creations do. my original concept was to use the tiny fabric scraps, but i did not anticipate adding buttons. i love that addition. i was unable to finish it completely because it took much longer than i should have spent on it today and because i was planning on using a snap for the closure but my snap dealie is too lightweight. so i will use a button and either a loop or a buttonhole. i haven't decided. the third photo shows the button i've chosen. i'm looking forward to finishing this bracelet soon and will share it here when i do.

this is the unfinished end. the prototype for this bracelet is shown in yesterday's post. that one is made of paper. it's pretty nifty. i have been planning on making more --- guess how long ago i designed and made the original? --- august 2009. this 365 days in a row creating is proving to be very good for me in the things-i've-been-wanting-to-do category.


this is the reverse side that will be against the wearer's arm. i left the raggedly look because that's what i like, a folk art element. it has more personality to me.

it's a challenge choosing the buttons. i have so many and i can sort through and fixate on my choices for hours. i love these.

and here is another assistant, ginny weasley. she's shy and a loves to keep me company in the evenings, which is especially nice this month because i am cold!

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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