2.12.11 ... teeny little guy space rocket man

how is your saturday, everyone? we've had such a lovely day. i found an old board game recently while thrifting and planned to use it for paper ephemera packets that i am developing for my joonE etsy shop. then we would make a wall shelf out of the board for scout's room because the game is like new. but, as happens quite often here in the wilkinson household, someone falls in love with a find and - change of plans. this game is called rat race. ever heard of it? i had not. it is from a canadian company and i can't find but one or two references to it via google. seems kind of rare. anyway, scout fell in love with it. so she read the directions and she and ev played a test game while i worked in my art room - where i came up with this little guy for ev. he's a magnet surprise gift because ev loves space and because he's been taking such good care of me and doing my house work all week. i will be very happy when my back is all better. but i bet not half as happy as him.

after i made this little rocket man, i joined them in a new game and we had lots of fun with it. so far. no one is winning yet or even close to it. poor scoutie keeps landing on the divorce square and had to go back to a lower class AND pay a bunch of fees. ev has been 'divorced' a couple of times, too. meanwhile...

i haven't been divorced even once but in order to win you need to accumulate $100,000 so you can retire. we played a good two hours and i only have about $27,000. sheesh. times is tough in the old rat race.

oh ... have you noticed rocket man's moon boots? :)

and last but not least, here he is on the {tortilla} moon planting the American flag even. could not believe when this photo opportunity strolled by me. 
time for tea. oh --- dinner: we had cheese ravioli with butternut squash sauce. oh. my. gravy. so delicious. what did you have?

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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