2.2.11 ... recovered rolling chair

i find myself telling you all two things over and over. one: there was no sunshine for photos today and two: i've been wanting to do X, Y or Z forever. today is no different. my project falls under both categories. we've had this secondhand rolling chair for years and it was an assault to my senses every.single.day. with evan's help it has finally been recovered to my heart's content. i do wish the photos were better. here is the before picture from a few months ago when i put it on craigslist. no one responded.  now i am very, very happy!

i rest my case.
this fabric is designer upholstery fabric. i bought a large piece at a thrift store in 2005 for 2.25. I love it. these photos do not do it justice. hopefully you can see through their failings.

i have this tote in my joonwalk shop that i made with this fabric. you can see how beautiful it is...

i promised to show you my kitchen towel patch and mend so here you go. the fish patch is on both sides and is a recycled t shirt from scoutie's toddler days. i mended the edge using a neckline bit from a t shirt to create a false edge.

here's hoping you are warm and dry tonight. ciao for now.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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Julene said...

Looks like a very happy chair!