2.11.11 ... my rings and a cactus

this morning i was working on an old spoon that had tarnished and thought it a good time to clean up my rings. i use good old crest regular toothpaste. so here is my go to everyday as fancy as i get jewelry. from L to R: my snowflake ring that i had custom made for me by an etsy artist. we traded a flying housewife letter for a ring. snowflake is the name of my unfinished novel. my 1939 silver dollar ring from jon cody & val that i love (and i love the ring, too!). it's 1939 because that's the time snowflake takes place. this ring was a surprise and it arrived not 10 minutes before we got in the car for our 2,000 mile journey to jon cody and val's wedding. it's a sign. in back of that is a vintage ring i just like. to the right of that one is my boston mfa egyptian exhibit ring, followed by my friendship ring and in the front is my newest ring from my wonderfully good etsy artist friend. i was her 1,000th sale and love it so much. her shop is: modern bird if you're smart and have wonderful taste you will not miss a visit there. and last, but not least, my beautiful native american earrings from my darling husband.

later this afternoon we went to a thrift shop where i found two 1964 readers that i love for their graphics. i didn't have much time left after we got home so i looked through one and chose a small cactus illustration that seemed to be calling my name and i made this little drawing for my daily creation.


scout made dinner tonight. cornflake coated crispy chicken strips with her fabulous home made ranch dressing that is a completely different animal from that glop in a bottle. it was a lovely meal. we watched the social network. i was disappointed in it. i can appreciate the talent and work that went into it but i found it much more uninteresting than i anticipated given all the glowing reviews. my favorite aspect of the film was eduardo. he was exceptional. sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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