2.21.11 ... little packaging fun . snoopy . gregory peck . home .

today we went on a trash/recycling collection walk about. we collected a total of 617 pieces of litter and recyclable trash in 50 minutes. this is part of my project snowflake. for every item sold in my etsy shops i pick up 13 pieces of litter. i had no idea i was doing so well! i am behind but we made great progress today. i need to clean up 490 more pieces to catch up with my sales. i started this challenge on march 17th, 2010. so far, evan, scout & i have picked up 1330 pieces of litter. it's a good feeling and the neighborhood looks that much neater. meanwhile ...i have four packages to get ready for the mail and these magnet and pin packaging cards are my creations to share for today.

as usual, i had fun with these. the snoopy pin is from a very old paperback book so the paper is very fragile. i folded & sewed it and added the piece of tagboard for extra stability. the 'home' set is on a bit of christmas card. i forgot to get a photo of the back but it has a pretty pale blue card stock with a heart tree stamp that turned out to be exactly the right size and shape.

i hope the recipient will enjoy the presentations. sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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