2.25.11 ... car cup cover and table of contents

we have a car cat, besos. i think i've mentioned her before. she loves the car. ridiculously. we take her as much as we can, which is limited to fair weather days, of which the year does not have an abundance, neither in new england or here in texas. we always bring this cup of water when we go out and when we have her with us we prefer to return to the car and find our water clear and clean. we've been using a piece of foil or a small ziploc but they are lacking in more ways than one. so today i made this lovely snug cap. and i added some pizzazz features.

the fabric is a sample piece i've had for years from one of my hawaiian fabric company orders. i love their fabrics, by the way. and their service is amazing. it's been years since i've ordered any. this piece is lined with a piece of sturdy white cotton. the flower button is from my vintage collection and the tag...

...is from my equally eclectic tag collection. i love the 'made in u s a' and '100% cotton' elements on this one. the key ring was an afterthought, but i am pretty much crazy going nuts for it. it's handy in so many ways. not only can you throw a key on it and have one with you when strolling sans purse {divine wish, no?}, but it helps you locate it both in the car and the house. it will slip over your finger and stay safe and clean - while you're adding or drinking water. and, it rests on a hook magnet on our fridge while we're home. it also removes easily for laundering.

here is besos {the tabby}, the car cat, with ginny weasley {the tortie}. i couldn't resist this as they were cuddled like this while i was taking my photos this afternoon. the easy life indeed.

i didn't plan to make this today, but in the course of my recent organizational flurry, i straightened my salvaged paper stash and decided to make myself a helpful guide in the hope that it will slow down the chaos factor and save me a lot of time and frustration in the interim. i will laminate it and hang it over the collection.

i had no intention of doing anything more than simply writing the order and categories but i started having a good time and so this came about.

scout made the most incredible dinner tonight. a pork chop casserole with mushrooms, green onions, sour cream and swiss cheese topping on the sauteed chops. unreal. rice and broccoli. heaven. and then ... the ever irresistible peanut butter cornflake bars. remember those? time for them, a cup of tea and tootsie. sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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Love ya, mean it lots and lots.