2.23.11 ... einstein . save the whale . mini idea book

i was making circles - not to be confused with going in circles which i do everyday so that goes without saying - and i thought about albert's birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and started messing around with two of my einey stamps. i have another one i did not get to experiment < --- {a true einey term} with today.  then i had a stack of envelopes waiting for me to cut them into bookmark corners and strips for circles...

...and a piece of junk mail that had two pages with this beautiful ocean blue color. so i made some stamps for future stickers and some circles just to have for backgrounds although the one that says 'of art' i will use as is.

and here is everything ...

...this is my collection for today. and for tomorrow, i started making a cover for this old S.O.G. with P.O.P book. remember those? 'silly old grandma with pictures in pocket' {or pocketbook} i haven't seen one in about 30 years or more so i was really happy when i spied it in the thrift store bin yesterday. for all of .50 i will now have a mini idea book. i can slip my sketches and clippings etc. into the photo pages and open it up whenever i need a project. i used my colored pencils to create the book cover paper.

and besides, i love square anything and this makes it all the more appealing to me. 
sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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