2.4.11 ... melmac impressions II

i spent some time experimenting with various papers, colors and mediums - crayons, pencils and different brands of colored pencils. you can see a couple of tissue paper rubbings here in these photos. this is a much more challenging activity than i imagined. the recess of the cup bottoms is a real problem. the raised logos are not consistently level. the stetson cups are especially challenging in that respect while the lifetime cup's deep inset makes the rubbing very difficult. the angle of the crayon or pencil is too steep to grab a clean impression easily. and the paper moves despite what i feel is an iron grip. but i did enjoy this and made progress on feeling successful. it's handy for me that i love folk art. the imperfections are right at home here.

my camera bit the bullet today and that is a truly panic inducing occurrence. i make a commitment to create and blog every day of the year and on day 35 i lose a key element toward that end. ack! luckily, scout was generous enough to offer hers - a much better camera. i think i will have to borrow hers indefinitely. i can't even begin to think about a new camera for myself.

i also made homemade tortillas and smothered green chili burritos for dinner. one of these days i will take tortilla making photos and share my recipe and process with you.

i hope you enjoy today's art and are enjoying a lovely friday evening. here's to a beautiful weekend. stay warm. i'll be back with who knows what tomorrow.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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