2.19.11 ... photo play and vintage cookbook magnets

ev and scoutie made pizza this evening. i experimented with some low light photos to document the event.

the dishes never stop. catching up while the pizza bakes.

where's that pizza? it smells sooooo good....

oh happy day. pizza night.

all ready to dig in to the piece de resistance...

barbecue chicken, black olive & banana pepper pizza with (not pictured) homemade ranch dressing. scout made the (coca-cola) bbq sauce, dressing and learned how to make ev's dough & sauce. meanwhile, back at the ranch aka art room, i made some magnets...

i will list them in my joonbeam shop. i've needed to make some for a while now. here is one last photo --- thought you all might like to see a process phase photo:

decisions, decisions. 
we watched baby mama tonight. it was really sweet. not at all as advertised. movie studios are strange birds. you'd think with so many talented people in the world, the cream would rise to the top and yet it is always a crap shoot. i wonder why. anyway --- we are happy we chose it & recommend it.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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