Days 9 and 10

Hi Creators. Hope everyone is warm and dry. I didn't get to post yesterday. I did a lot but can't post pictures until next week since everything is a surprise at the moment. I can show you this envelope ~ it isn't much but there's a story behind it you might enjoy. Late one freezing cold night Scout spied this fantastic 1960s castro convertible red couch on the curb. Long story short, we asked, yes it was for the trash men, yes she'd be thrilled if we could use it, it had been in her family since it was new. It is HEAVY. We finally managed to get it into the old volvo wagon(yeah for Isabella Rosalini. What? You don't name your cars?) and got it home. We have now lugged it through 2,000 miles and two more moves. It's great. Anyway, I managed to write down the address and when Valentine's Day came along, I sent a thank you/update/Valentine from our family, complete with an adorable photo from Christmas with our little family cutie patooties propped up on the couch! A few days later, I saw someone run up to our porch and run back to a car. A while later, inside our mail drop was a handmade valentine from our couch angel. Needless to say, I sent another homemade card last year and at Easter received a lovely postcard note ~ the Boston Swan Boats. (We moved here from MA.)

The recycled corner bookmark (below) is one I whipped up today to include in an etsy order package. Everything else I made today is under wraps for now. Ciao. It's a great day for America, everybody. Yes it is.

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