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I did some mending today, which is probably too dull to share so here's a silly creation. Our travel pillow needs some cases. A while ago I made a rather groovy {and silly} one using a WICKED The Musical T - shirt. This one makes me smile on two levels. Woodstock, of course, but how fun is this case? The pillow opening is the former bottom hem of the shirt. All I had to do was cut across under the arms and stitch straight across. The gnome is Moley. Scout made him when she was a wee bairn. {age 10 I think} He's her first knitted gnome. I know! Crazy skill isn't it? She'd just learned how to knit for crying out loud. And the pointed cap is made out of funky yarn she salvaged from a wig used in the Opera.... Now there's a story.... For another day I suppose. :)

This is my original recipe plum chicken that I made this evening. I took the photo between the 'saute the chicken' and the 'add the orange hunks, sauce and sesame seeds before you place it in the oven to bake' stages. I couldn't get a photo before dinner but trust me this was divine.

These photos are from one of the secret creations I made prior to Valentine's Day. This recipe pocket is for my lovely sister. It's my favorite one so far. {Just like her.} The photo above is before lamination. The one below is after. The following photos show the handmade recipe cards I made to go along with the pocket. I had a lot of fun with this project.

Until tomorrow ~ it's a great day for America, everybody. Yes it is.

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