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Hello Artists. Today I worked all day long on Valentines. So more suspense there. But I also made this set of upcycled magnets or thumbtacks {9}. They can be either ~ I haven't attached anything to the backs yet. I will list these in my Etsy shop, joonbeam. I have four earth friendly themed Etsy shops. But joonbeam was my first and is now devoted mostly to pins, magnets and {what I have coined} my Diamond Girl Thumbtacks. They're super heavy duty. They're not for sissies. While searching for the word 'it's' for a valentine project, I was drawn to these images from a Bon Apetite in my stash and just couldn't resist. In order to salvage every image I love, three of these ~ barn, wine, windmill ~ are carefully cut out and collaged onto other bits. And I actually found ONE 'it's' which was a relief, let me tell you. If someone had put me in charge of the Empire State Building, trust me, we'd still be under construction. But I digress. It has been pouring rain here once again and dark as night all day so I really had a time getting clear/decent photos. {I include the last photo because I think it's groovy. Hope someone else enjoys it along with me.}

Until tomorrow ~ once again ~ It's a great day for America, everybody. Yes it is.

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