Scissor Case & TeXaS Applique Mend

Recently I stumbled upon this fabulous handmade work apron. I have been planning to make one for myself. Once again, procrastination pays off. This is beautifully constructed and has been loved and lovingly cared for ~ and all for 1.99. Irresistible. So now I tool around the house with my pony {iphone} in one pocket, my pen and paper in one and my trusty scissors in the center. I don't want the scissors to stress the fabric so I made this little slip case for them. It's made from hand dyed viscose I purchased from my Etsy friend { www.sassalynne.etsy.com } Scout was my model {above}. Today we received a goodie package from our friend, Stacy, in Hawaii. She included that gorgeous bracelet for Scout who is thrilled. It's perfect for her. {Stacy is beautiful and so are her creations found HERE at stacysdesigns88 }

I also did some mending today. This is my favorite. It's our bedspread which is pretty heavy weight and was a real bear to accomplish. Just finished it this evening { I did laundry for 8 hours today. } so I could only grab this picture below the lamp. I adore this fabric and this patch will always remind us of our time here in Austin. Sweet dreams... until tomorrow... It's a great day for America, everybody. Yes it is.

ps. Craig is performing here this weekend. Wish we could see his show. But alas, that is not in the budget. :)

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