Presidential Potato Salad

You know the question 'If you could have any three people for dinner...?' Well, Lincoln is one of my choices and I am pretty sure he would love my potato salad. :) We're having BLTs tonight and I got a cabin fever craving for this. I hope you all are warm and dry this evening. Oh ~ adding a few photos from my secret valentine stash from last week. I will post a few along with my current TAD every day. Ciao!

We've always called our two boys and Valerie our Boston Baked Beans. This is the first time I have drawn these beans, though. I recycled a safety envelope bit and a lottery chad {?} I don't know if these things have a name, do you?

I made this reusing their wedding invitation envelope from last winter. :) I just love this blue paper. It's a great day for America, everybody. Yes it is.

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