pony anemone

I made this late last month. We were on the run all day today, but I did use my iphone a lot {I love playing WORDS with my darling children} and have been wanting to share this. It cracks me up that I came up with this idea, that I designed and then carried out making it and that it turns out to be the greatest thing since the iphone ~ which I call my pony. So this case is made from scraps from a gorgeous tie dye long sleeve t shirt. I took the two cut off cuffs and a strip from the neck ribbing {shown in top photo} and here's what happened. We think it looks like a sea anemone. It works like a charm. I am crazy going nuts over it. I just love it.

The card seen in this shot is one I made a while back using a print from a sweet little artist retrospective book I spied at the thrift store. Turns out she is Vera Stravinsky. I had never heard of her but she was married to the composer. Yes. That one. Anyway...she looks and sounds like such a wonderful person and I love her art. Photos three and four show close ups of the front and reverse of the case. Until tomorrow ~ our last TaD 2010 ~ remember It's a great day for America, everybody. Yes it is.

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