It's a Great Day in Progress

As any of you who have looked at my posts have guessed, we are huge Craig Ferguson fans. I have something to send him, which I will include in my finished post. This is the envelope. Recycled. And from England ~ that tickles my funny bone. And I think it might give Craig a chuckle, too. Since I am re-using the envelope I am decorating it with one of my collages to cover the address. OK, I would do all this anyway, even if it didn't need it. The reverse side ~ the new front ~ also has this building/NYC/America theme, but, as you see, this is still in the working stage and none of this is set in place. So no photo of that side yet. This side will have a few changes and needs a couple of additions, but for the most part I am pretty happy with it. It is so cold, dreary and just plan wintry here today. It's actually snowing here in Austin. I guess that's quite a big deal. We moved here from New England so what do we know? :) Anyway, the weather convinced Scout and me that another batch of pretzels was in order. They came out just as lovely as the first batch. She has a picture of them on her TaD post: HERE along with a link to a little video we made spontaneously yesterday afternoon using my pony (iphone). It's here on my sidebar as well. She's singing One Song Glory from RENT. I hope you are all warm and dry and enjoying your evening. Until tomorrow....


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Kitty said...

I don't know who Craig Ferguson is, but I LOVE the envelop!!! If I ever got something like that in the mail, I would save it forever... which I'm sure is probably your intention! Either way, awesome! :) Hope you are well!