one example of a calling card & envelope designs

Hello. Today I was preparing a letter packet to go out the door. I made some calling cards using watercolors. This is one example. {phone# and address removed} I had fun making those. The envelope is one style I use often. Something unique about this one is that the snoopy and abe lincoln stamps are on paint samples that have raised elements. The three small hearts to the left of the address and the one up in the return address are signatures of my envelopes. The confetti of hearts on the back is something I have only done a few times. The little monkey is a bit I found in my stash. We printed up a bunch of these years ago. Scout drew him when she was 9. I really prefer to have the stamps on before I take photos but we had to go and the sun would be down by the time we got home so I was in a rush. I always use a collection of real stamps because I love the mosaic-y collage effect they provide. And it's good practice for my math skills. :)

We have always been partial to snoopy but ever since we got our beagle, chip, we are even more so.

This is along the 'top' of the back of the envelope and the abe quote ~ one of my favorite stamps ever ~ is centered on the bottom.

I hope the recipient will enjoy seeing this in her mail box. Until tomorrow ~ sweet dreams. It's a great day for America, everybody. Yes it is.

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