Adding a Touch of Silly to the Mundane

Batteries drive me crazy.
Maybe it's just at my house but I
exist in a world filled with ambiguous
batteries and equally confused fellow family members
whose names will remain a mystery in order
to protect the innocently adored.

Yesterday we had yet another incident
of 'Are they or aren't they?'
complicated by another fine
crazy making housewife condition
known as:
Is it the flashlight or is it the batteries?

Well, I've been around the block
a time or two so I know how to
make a U Turn and pass the buck.

I leave the flashlight empty.
I take the possible batteries,
and in a stroke of silly genius
I rifle through the recycling basket
and viola!
Ambiguous labeling.

Somehow I just felt a lot better after this.
Silly is as silly does.
Do something silly today.
Come back and share your story with us.
Until next time.


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