A Little Serendipity & the Pretzel Recipe

This card had some watercolor test bits. You know me and my use anything approach. Here's what I did with it. I used colored pencil and here's the resulting unplanned result. It was fun. As promised, the last photo in today's post is the soft pretzel recipe. I'd love to know if you make them and how yours turned out so I am including my signature links today. I can be reached via any of them. Enjoy!

My notes: We made 8 pretzels {vs their 6}. I will start with 1/4 c less flour next time. Grease the pan WELL. Go crazy. :) We only had kosher {coarse} salt, not actually chunky salt and they were fine. They were done in almost half the time, too. Watch them at 7-8 minutes. Like us, you may not believe how delicious something this simple can be. For anyone who did not see the pretzels yesterday, the post is on my joonbeam blog. Address below.

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kimbuktu said...

Thanks for the recipe, I am definitely going to try this one.