1.10.11 ... newsletter & packaging

today was my last day to visit with the boys and val. we brought them to the airport this afternoon. my creating for today was here on my computer, designing my new newsletter template and sign up form. so because i don't have photos from today, i am including some recent packaging pictures from joonbeam sales.
hope you enjoy them. i should be getting back into some larger projects now that our little family holiday is over. i have a long list of ideas i am anxious to see unfold. it seems that it is much easier to brainstorm and add to the list than it is to put aside daily housework and errands and get started on one of the countless dream arts. do you find that to be true? if not, please share your tips. i need them!

this set of buttons is shown on its packaging, which is, like the collage papers the buttons themselves are composed of, a vintage children's book illustration. this one is a page folded over and stitched across both ends. the ORIGINAL envelope corner bookmark was a little added surprise extra. the ORIGINAL stamp is a vintage office stamp i found just this past year. i love it.

this set of buttons was made using paper ends from vintage thread spools. their packaging is a recycled card stock piece with a bit of old fabric and vintage ric arc attached for pizzazz.

this blue envelope corner bookmark has a mixed media design. the marbled paper was made by my sister years ago. i only have a few bits and pieces left. i had fun incorporating this one onto this corner design.
sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon


Julene said...

love watching your daily creativeness

joon said...

Thank you, Julene! What a lovely surprise to wake up and find your comment. It's so nice when we have some friendly thoughtfulness in our day. I had two unfortunately rude exchanges later - your kindness meant even more. Love your shop and bog, too. I must try to figure out how to follow. I am rusty. (I didn't even realize I had to click 'publish' for the comment to show.) Have a beautiful day. Hope to see you here and there. :)