1.1.11 ... and the kindness of strangers

a new beginning ...

i want to create and post every day this year. without any more structure than that one goal. so here we are starting together on day one.one.one one
i recently created these two recycled corner bookmarks for a kind stranger who bought a cookbook of mine. i had consigned it at a local church run thrift shop and this woman found photographs inside that looked important. she called the shop. the shop called me. i gave permission for the woman to call me. she did. she described the photos, which were vintage family snapshots. i did not believe they were mine but agreed she should send them along to me. when they arrived i was shocked to find they were, indeed, family photos including one {original} of my father at age 18 in his army uniform during world war ii. i have no idea how they wound up in that cookbook or how i missed that they were in there. but i am very glad a thoughtful stranger purchased my book. i hope she will enjoy the little thank you note, my recommendation for a favorite recipe in that volume and these kitchen-y bookmarks. i enjoy creating these and had a brainstorm yesterday... more on that another day. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart.  ox joon

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Sixsisters said...

What a great story and she is so nice to have tried to
find out who you were.
Good luck with the blog a day.