1.6.11 ... pencil coloring & t shirt neckline jazz

did you all have a wonderful day? i did and i hope you can say the same. here's what i worked on yesterday and today ~ some of my hand colored vintage peanuts illustrations for buttons ( i love to color. it is such a quiet, relaxing, fulfilling activity.) ...

...and my t-shirt re-structuring. i tried this neckline re-do method serendipitously one day last spring on one of my favorite shirts and it turned out to be so simple, easy and fun that the resulting fabby look was just icing on the cake. t-shirt necklines make me feel claustrophobic. i don't like how they constantly creep up and get a choke hold on my neck. i wonder if anyone else experiences this issue. i am guessing not because i don't see people walking around looking uncomfortable and/or tugging at their shirt collar. but i digress.... also, i just find this neckline more appealing in general. and with the addition of the handmade trim it's even better. i use old cotton knit shirts or whatever. i have quite a collection of meaningful articles of clothing from which to choose. so there's an added bonus because now , instead of them being folded neatly - and languishing - in the project bin i can see my salvaged old favs often in the form of my new necklines. i cut the fabric on the bias and the fabric molds beautifully along the curve. i zig zag on the inner/upper edge first and then the lower edge. then i trim around the upper edge and, voila' --- done. i love the simplicity of this fix.

i have considered restructuring t shirts and offering them in my joonwalk etsy shop. what do you think? i'd love to hear from you.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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Domestic Dharma said...

I have that same problem with tshirts, only a few I can stand wearing! I do actually pull on them to get it away from my neck ;)LOVE this idea and this one, great work =)