1.28.11 ... tazo tea monopoly property cards look recycled bookmark

we took a drive this afternoon because it was such a beautiful day.  besos came with us.  she was ridiculously happy as always.  car cat.  it turned out there was a meet up of a vintage car club at the hamburger place and we enjoyed that scenery while we sat outside under the trees eating our late lunch.  scout took some photos.  i am sure they will be fabulous.  
as for today's creating, i worked on a zine page - i have five more to go - which left me with no photo op so when we returned from our outing, i had to think fast before i lost the light.  i've been saving these tea papers for a while.  ok, ok - confession time - evan's been saving them for me.  i think they are so pretty.  but i had no idea what i could do with them.  when i spied them in my stash, during my frantic search for inspiration, i noticed how appealing these three colors look together and then they struck me as resembling monopoly property cards so i lined them up to sew a bookmark and as i reached for my sewing machine i had to move this beautiful bird collage i had trimmed from a magazine and set aside when i was gathering pieces to turn into stickers.  anyway --- look how wonderfully it coordinates with these tea bag papers.  so voila! it became the reverse side.  

we just finished watching the joan rivers documentary on netflix instant and loved it.  earlier we were viewing some of  jake shimabukuro's you tube performance pieces.  amazing.  there's two recommendations for you all.  and if you haven't watched parks & rec this season with rob lowe you honestly haven't lived well lately.  you can rectify that by watching online.  hilarious and smart.  just like some of my favorite family members.  

sweet dreams, everyone.  thanks for stopping by.   until tomorrow.  happiness to you. from me. with heart.   ox joon

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