1.11.11 ... love these numbers

what a special day today is with all the ones in a row. who needs ducks when we have a string of numbers like this ONE {tee hee}. well, today i woke up to another sale. this one took me by surprise much more than they usually do because it was in my joonwalk shop. i have an eclectic array of handmade paper, fabric and miscellaneous art in that shop so it hasn't had the good fortune of finding many people. or maybe it's vice versa. probably equal parts of both. anyway, it was nice that someone liked my art enough to buy it. the loose connection between this and today's creation no. 1 goes back to packaging. i have made bookmarks similar to this one but i never thought of the fabric scrap as the ribbon before and i like it a lot.

i worked on a few projects today but it got dark before i could take pictures. this one (below) i ran outside and froze while i snapped a few in the advancing twilight. it shows one of my patches. i do this to almost everything. it's one of my things. not limited to clothing. but that's a tangent for another day. i assure you that in the next 354 days you will have the opportunity to see much more of this patch art. but for today's background - i found this shirt at a thrift store and love it because it is white and so soft - it's a men's Polo. i would have preferred not to find the two small holes and i hesitated for just a second. but since it was just 2.50 and since i have this patch addiction, in the end i realized they were a bonus. here's one of the patches. i considered using a color closer to white. but not for long.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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