1.16.11 ... vintage holiday inn postcard = recipe card

again with the rainy day and inside photos. although i have to say they aren't too bad all things considered and i particularly like the one above. today i worked on my zine - still coming along and i am happy with it so far. that's important. i worked on the introduction and the recipe. while futzing around with the recipe format i got distracted (by shiny objects) and decided to remedy the unacceptable-for-an-artist condition of one of my favorite recipes being scribbled on a magazine insert. notice i do not include that atrocity in the photos. highly embarrassing. in my defense, when i make up a recipe i have to grab the nearest scrap to jot it down because my memory is kapootz. and, let's face it, i'm busy cooking. no excuse for the years between that rushed evening and today, but... you know how it goes. right?
but i set that aside for a while because i wanted to make a new recipe card somehow. couldn't decide with what but i knew it had to be extra ordinary. later, i worked on my new paper packets and while i was sorting through my stash of nifty paper ephemera, i chose a few of my favorite postcards i don't want to part with, trimmed this one into a 3 X 5 as an experimental prototype and here is the result. now i can see & enjoy the card on occasion while it serves a purpose. pretty nifty and satisfying. i cut out another half dozen and have them ready and waiting for my next favorite recipe creation.

step one

you can see why it's irresistible, yes?

short and sweet. handy and neat.

we've enjoyed watching the golden globes this evening. and ev made meatball and sausage spaghetti. life is pretty sweet tonight. hope yours is too. maybe we'll see the sun come back tomorrow. sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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