1.29.11 ... favorite towel obsessive mend

i have a vintage towel that i love and i mend it when i start to fret it is wearing too much. this one has been mended before. but it needed - and still needs - a major fix. so here is a little bit of a stitching journey ...

this photo shows the other worn end of the towel.  this strip was mended long ago before the edge became this frayed.   if you look closely you can see how the stripe section is wearing, too. now here is the end i worked on one day last week and finished today...

first i choose patches and iron them in place with a little bit of bonding tape. you can see one old patch in this row. next, i put two long single pieces on the reverse...

...along with a few extra patches ... it seems unending which is why i can't handle it in one day. the set up project is very time consuming. following are some photos of the completed mending. to me, the towel becomes more beloved with the patches. i chose them carefully. most are pieces of favorite clothing we've worn out or the children - all four in some cases - outgrew. others are pieces given to me by wonderful people who know i love to sew with scraps. every piece has a story no matter where i acquired it. i do this with favorite clothing and sheets, too. we have extremely unique and interesting sheets in our house. those are typically mind numbing projects because of the size & bulk of the fabric and the extreme state of disrepair of the threadbare sheets. my sewing machine is just a simple lightweight model. favorites are revered in our house. i guess.

there are many lines of stitching in order to secure the edges of both the reverse and front pieces. and also i like to sew random patterns. it helps keeps the task enjoyable instead of becoming crazy making monotony.

i would tell you the stories behind some of these pieces but i have no idea if anyone even reads these posts so i'll save those for now. enjoying your weekend? i hope so.


i'll wait another week or so before i tackle that other end and then i will have my towel back. i'll be one happy shower camper.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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