1.12.11 ... mending & soup

i was mending and choosing papers for other projects and cooking and mending and so much more. there's no way i could bear to show you my super mend project which is in a state of limbo at the moment. do you ever fix large sheets or tablecloths, that kind of thing? i am working on this old, old and may i add old, mattress pad. it's so groovy because it is all cotton and very worn and soft. the side panels, if they ever had elastic, are no longer so much as curved no less gathered. we started using it as a nighttime film/tv blanket and the poor thing is really losing its everything. so i have patched it many times but now it needs a seriously patched - giant - center section. i mended a greenland sized tear and managed to get one half of one side patch completed. then i worked for what seemed like forever on an even larger piece on the reverse side. i am using old sheets. i have it pinned and ready to sew but there is no way i had the stamina to tackle all that mass of fabric by the time i accomplished that task. i made a new hungarian goulash soup recipe. we added a few touches and it was delicious. it is still FREEZING here. that is crazy talk for austin. but the soup was a perfect warm up.
so my photos today are taken with my iphone. i just didn't have any light, especially by the time these were completed when low light was not even an option. it was dark. i took these knit pants out of the dryer and found a seam split and while i was preparing to zig zag it i had a brilliant idea and placed this piece of scrap underneath. boy, did that ever make things a snap. and now the seam is reinforced better, too. i hope you can get an idea of what i did. if you ever mend knit seams you will understand why this was just plain dreamy.

this is the reverse side, once trimmed.

and here is my soup.

now it is time for another west wing episode so i leave you with a wish for a warm, toasty evening. 
sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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