1.14.11 ... my zine cover

it is still cold here, as in too cold. very hard to accomplish art when i am spending my energy just trying - mostly unsuccessfully - to get warm. looking forward to a day or two from now when the forecast is much better. it is also dreary. felt like 5:30 PM all day long as far as light was concerned. i am not a fan of that either. i need light. i joined stumble upon this morning. that's as far as i got. i don't know anything about it. sounds intriguing. we went thrifting this afternoon for a bit. i found some groovy old books and a map that i am going to incorporate into future paper projects. in one of the cookbooks there was a tip on how to calculate celsius to farenheit and then vice versa and, for whatever reason, it struck me and scout as rather hilarious. i am going to make a corner bookmark with that. if i can make it through without cracking up too hard.

i worked on my zine for a while. mostly on the cover. i have been wanting to write zines for a long time and i think the first one may be the hardest. i am determined for it to be done by the end of this month. i have a layout/format and am plugging along. my problem is that i have too many ideas and, hence, don't know where i want to start or which ones to incorporate. decisions, decisions. and because it is another new thing to learn and i am a bit overloaded on learning new things, much as i love learning. and then there's the non creative aspects of the project that get in my way. the layout and scanning and preparing it for print stuff. read: i need to work with my house assistants to accomplish some of these tasks. i suppose too many ideas beats no ideas. and having people in my family willing to help me get through the less thrilling aspects of the project does lend me a significant advantage. i am sure to approach this with renewed vigor tomorrow, don't you think? so i don't have any zine prototype photos. but i do have some photos of new handmade calling cards i made last week. i hope you enjoy them. i will dream of sunshine and hopefully we'll see some tomorrow. how was your day? hope it was beautiful.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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