1.13.11 ... happy days line

i designed and have been working on these on and off over the past few weeks. these are my first original prints pins and magnets (or thumbtacks). i've always used vintage and recycled papers , fabrics or original art. i wanted to create a line of my little happy drawings that i could print out. so here they are. the republican and democrat best friend pins idea came to me over the holidays when a loved one of mine and i were brainstorming for a perfectly unique gift and this situation of being best friends with someone from the opposite political party popped into my head because it fit. we got a kick out of it.. so here are a few photos which, once again, were taken outside on a very dreary day. i did what i could.


the bacon dude was my first happy days character. at our house, it's all about the bacon. this one is a magnet.

blueberry gal magnet

miss watermelon magnet

polly pear magnet

the happy houses are a pair - one pin and one magnet. i have more sayings and happy days characters in the works. what do you think of them? i'd love some feedback. i will be listing this line in my joonwalk shop.
i had a busy day of creating quite a few things. hope you enjoy this sample.
sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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