1.18.11 ... packaging & collars

i am always looking for a good way to package my thumbtacks. when i glued the tacks in place i created the boxy part - an idea that came to me, like so many others, while i was in the shower - and today, when they were set and ready to go, i added the ezra jack keats paper. it's from a discarded book i love and use for projects. the kismet part of this particular project is that this piece was leftover from something i did a while ago and it was floating about my art room scolding me mercilessly for not putting it in its proper stash spot. as ev always says - procrastination pays off once again. can you believe how the colors go with these tacks? i love it. to give the tacks something sturdy to hang onto i layered {glue stick}the piece with two more card stock pieces and then attached it to the boxy thing {watch out for those technical terms}. i added three pieces of large bubble wrap and attached the tacks. this was then wrapped simply in white tissue paper with the thank you for caring bookmark tucked between the two outer layers of tissue. to secure it snuggly in the sun maid raisin box i loosely wrapped a plastic shopping bag around it. i wrapped the box in a brown grocery sack and there you have it. it's fascinating to me that i made this set and its sibling at least two years ago and the first one just sold last month and now this one. so close together. and after all this time. there's somebody out there for everything i guess. they are one of my favorite ideas and results so set sail with mixed emotions on my part. the other set also had a nifty packaging - those were magnets. i will find a photo for tomorrow's post. you can really see how i reinvent the wheel over an over.

i also refashioned two more shirt collars. the first one is a wonderfully soft shirt that's like new that i lucked into via one generous son. i love the color too. but, as usual, the neck drove me nuts. being as it is long sleeve and a nice weight, i have been looking wistfully at it in my shirt stack these past few weeks. now i can wear it for the few cold days we may have left before the thermometer rises to instant summer. i tried a larger zig zag on this one. i wouldn't like it on most tops but i do like it on this one. thank goodness, right?

the second shirt is an old life is good shirt i found at a thrift store and have worn it to within an inch of its life. it has many mending patches and the neck was fraying to the point where it was almost separated from the shirt. not any more. :) this shirt is a pretty shade of pale lavender. the blue fish piece was once one of my favorite {thrift find, of course} t shirts of scout's when she was just a spud. it will bring back happy memories for me every time i wear it.

it's scout's night to make dinner and she made ratatouille yesterday so it could set overnight. it smells marvelous. we're about to eat that, along with her garlic bread and watch how to train your dragon before the good wife starts. and ev is going to make chocolate drop cookies later. heavenly. i hope your evening is as lovely as ours. stay warm. and come back again. i am happy to see my posterous visit stats.
sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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