1.4.11 ... packaging experiments

i have a lot of fun with my packaging as some of you know. i've featured many on my (joonbeam) blog and some of you have received packages from me. today i worked on a triple order and took the opportunity to fiddle around with a semi formulaic approach. no two can ever be the exact same but i do need to make it a little easier on myself because i spend way too much time on preparing my packages for the mail. it's very nice when people appreciate it, but i know there are just as many times when the receiver could care less and here i put so much time, effort and heart into it. which i love to do so therein lies the dilemma. so maybe a compromise can work. here is what i came up with. it's a take-off on the matchbook. if any of you remember those? :)

sadly, it was rainy all day and these are low light pictures so i apologize for the quality. hopefully you can get an idea. i had fun. that's always a good sign. by the way, the bookmarks are something new i started recently. i made these today. i love old postcards and a lot of them actually look better to me sliced into recycled bookmarks. what do you think? i hope the buyer will like her little extras.

the save the whale stamp bookmark was made using the same tagboard - manila folder paper - as the matchbooks. i found this package of paper at the thrift store the other day for a dollar. i don't know why i have never seen it in the stationery stores before. i know i will want more once i run out. i love the stuff. it's so perfect for my earth friendly theme. the fam is awaiting my attention for dessert and west wing so ... thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon
ps. i am learning this method of blogging via emailing posterous and it takes some getting used to and tweaking. also, the challenge of blogging every day is a little daunting. but i am determined to improve in all aspects of this venture. thanks for sharing the journey of ineptness with me. please hang in there.

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