1.2.11 ... Aa . dictionary fan shout out

true confessions. and it's only the second day of the new year? wow. here it is. i have been known to read dictionaries for hours. i love them. it stands to reason then that when I spied two vintage dictionaries at the thrift shop that i decided to take a chance that other people might share my affinityfor the old-school paper method of language study. today i finished my first batch of dictionary ephemera magnet sets. for my fellow word geeks.  are you all out there?

i hand colored and collaged these original image magnets. i had fun with these.  the mid-century look and the featured word illustration choices appeal to  me on so many levels. i will not bore you with my word obsession editorial. today.  but I will say that i hope these magnets prove appealing to some of my etsy shoppersso that i can move along to the letter Bb. i am going to start listing them in  my joonbeam shop (www.joonbeam.etsy.com) now. a question for you: should i make an assortment of magnets and pinbacks or stick with magnets?   i was going to mix up this batch, but couldn't decide which pairs should be one or the other.your thoughts?

See and download the full gallery on posterous  here is the entire first batch. if you have a favorite or two, i'd love you to leave a comment about which and why.

i'll be back tomorrow to share more of my 2011 creative journey. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

ps. this is not the corner bookmark brainstorm i mentioned last night. i was working on these yesterday when that brainstorm hit me. still ahead...

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