1.15.11 ... valentine bookmarks

i have this fabulous old literature textbook and i haven't used it as i intended - for recycled art - because we got all caught up in reading so much of it! pretty funny. nifty stuff, actually. as you can see here the graphics are pretty charming. these bookmarks are made using one full page folded in half. i placed a piece of manila cardstock in between for strength, stitched them using two complimentary color blue/teal threads, left my signature thread tails on one upper corner and signed them both on one side. i left the ripped edges because i like that kind of thing. what do you think of that design choice? the one bookmark has a poem from twelfth night and it says that the piece of music that accompanies it is the only surviving one. there's your trivia for the day. the other is a christopher marlowe. again, please pardon the photo quality or lack thereof. it's been pouring all day and i had to take these in the hallway under a light. it's the best i can do. i also did some handstitched mending which can be seen as well. one of a smartwool sock i've had for centuries and the other is a shirt sleeve from the t shirt i refashioned and posted about on an earlier date.

i worked quite a bit on my zine this evening. it's coming along nicely now. hope you're all well and warm this evening. 
sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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