Finding Neverland

This week I came across another small treasure. I love this vintage souvenir bracelet from the Mohawk Trail. I love the Mohawk Trail. We took a small detour so we could chance upon it once a few years ago. We haven't been on the entire route and I wish we would have had that opportunity. It was so beautiful. At the time, the last Howard Johnson's Restaurant was at a point on the Trail. I found this treasure a few years later, in the $1 BOX at a booth in Brimfield. The ladies who own this booth were always so sweet to Scout and would insist on her choosing something for free from that box. So, while she was rooting through for her treasure, I passed the time looking, too, and spied this. It's one of my favorite things. And for $1. There you have it.

I would love to know more about this little bracelet. How old is it? Who made it and how? How much did it sell for when it was new? Who has owned it?

I used another favorite find of mine as a backdrop for this piece. Well, not counting the Scrabble Board, which is, of course, indispensable. The part you can see here is a house roof and tree top. It's a peg board with a happy papa gnome toting his little scuppernut gnome in a wagon to his gingerbreadish house. It has red pegs. The teeny gold paper label is still on the back and reads Made in Romania. That's not something I see everyday. In fact, I think that may be the only time I've ever seen that. I was about to give it up but then I thought of a wonderful use for it ~ as part of my display when I start Holiday Arts & Craft Fairing in the Fall. Whew! That was a close one!

Next Sunday I show & tell the answer to last Sunday's guessing game. Guess if you haven't, and stay tuned. If you have ever been on the Mohawk Trail or know anything about the bracelet please leave your comment. Be sure to stop by my joonbeam shop to see what other treasures I've come upon this week. Thanks, friends. From below my towering stacks of Rubbermaid Tubs, I bid you adieu for now... I'll be back with more treasures soon.


Visions of Moving ... History Revealed

So, you all know we're moving. And sorting, purging and packing have begun in earnest. But the things you find! The places you'll go! And all within the confines of your own four walls.

I have had this little antique medicine bottle for a long time. It had OLD green sequins, still with thread remnants, inside. As I was making the 256,897th 'stay or go' decision, (and who really knows how 99% of these are determined, really, but that's another story) and ridding this cutie of its contents (because I am not in a sequin-y mood at this point, but, come on, the bottle is irresistible) I happened to look at it in a new light.

A little pause: check my etsy joonbeam shop frequently over the next two weeks because I am finding some very cool things and listing them there. Returning...

... And I can't believe I never read the label before. It's fascinating. Boomer Drugs is the Pharmacy. Rx # 15608 contained capsules for one 'Master Shannon' to be taken by mouth or (the other end). {Now how adaptable is this?} And here's the best part: for restlessness. I'm serious.

There is no date. No doctor's first name. No Pharmacist's name at all. No safety cap. And it's glass!

I googled and found a Boomer Pharmacy in Vancouver, BC, Canada that had relocated a few years ago. No idea if it is the same one. I would love to know more, especially the era. If it is from there, I have no clue how it found its way to me. The closest I've been is Oregon although I have no recollection of when or where I acquired this. But I've always loved it. And now I love it even more. And it's so nice and small I can feel absolutely guilt free about bringing it along!

The other thing I found was this box. I use it now to store future art collage goodies. It has scrabble tiles, vintage typewriter keys, colored wooden beads, broken jewelry, antique one of a kind pretties... but before I tell you its history, I thought it would be fun to see what your guess about the WARNING! is.

One all important hint: It is totally G rated and family friendly. Let's keep our minds in that neighborhood. Please leave your guess in the post comments and I'll tell the true story - and I think it is well worth the return visit - on Sunday, August 3rd. Meanwhile, I'll just be here packing and finding more trash and treasures and redefining the two on a moment-to-moment basis! ox joon