New JoonWalk Recycled Bookmark Design

my new fold*over magnetic bookmarks

covers are laminated 
magnets on lower inside covers hold your place

my first batch

some have handwritten quotes on back
the coca cola and clapper board, for instance

vintage gift wrap, stamp collage & book illustrations
are a few of my set themes

this pair features my original artwork

so what do you think?

look for these in my joonwalk shop



New York City Beginnings

New York City ~ Scoutie

Scout settles in immediately.  

New York City ~ Moobie Big Picture

Moobie does likewise.  {Who knew he made the journey?}

New York City ~ Moobie

How darn adorable is he?  No wonder he tagged along.

New York City ~ Bepe Giallo

Our first dinner.  10 PM Saturday after a long trip from the airport to Chelsea.  It was almost as long as the flight from Boston to NYC.  Crazy talk.  But we met so many nice, helpful people on the airtrain and subway.

Evan, Scout, Yours Truly, Vally & Jon Cody at Liberty

Bright & early Sunday morning, Jon Cody & Val arrived & we headed to Battery Park to board the ferry for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Look how innocent we all are.  No clue as to what lies ahead for us just minutes down the time line of life.  

To be continued ...